The Deep Learning Indaba Mentorship Programme aims to strengthen the African Machine Learning (ML) community via the development of fundamental skills. The Programme matches community members with mentors for short-term personalised interactions across a wide range of topic areas.


A mentee is an individual who is looking to grow their personal or professional skills by engaging in meaningful discussions with a mentor.

As a mentee, you will gain access to world-class researchers, industry professionals and academics who will provide you with personalised feedback on your work. The Programme gives you the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas, plan your future and improve your professional stance to ensure you achieve your goals. 


A mentor is an individual with expertise in a particular subject area who facilitates the development of a specific skill in a peer (mentee) in support of their personal or professional growth.

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to promote diversity in AI, share your expertise, inspire and build connections in the flourishing African ML community. Mentoring will provide you with exposure to unique problems and perspectives as well as enable you to develop your leadership and coaching skills.


The wide range of mentorship areas include: 

  • Translating a research idea into an experiment
  • Writing a research paper
  • Writing a research proposal
  • Preparing a CV
  • Preparing a presentation/poster
  • Applying for undergraduate or postgraduate studies (US and non-US)
  • Applying for an academic or industry job/internship
  • Preparing for an academic/industry interview
  • Planning a career

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