After a journey South and East, the 4th Deep Learning Indaba now makes its way to North Africa, and to Tunisia. Tunisia today represents one of the centres of high technical talent in Africa (and the MENA region). Tunisia has a young population, energetic social fabric, a government that actively supports STEM and innovation, and is home to a highly entrepreneurial community of technologists and developers. Like South Africa and Kenya before, Tunisia makes an ideal location for  Indaba4.0.

The Indaba will take place in the Institut Supérieur des Arts Multimédia de la Manouba (in English, Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Mannouba).

22 March update: Due the seriousness and uncertainty regarding the spread of the virus, have decided, with great sadness, to cancel all in-person Indaba events for the rest of the year. Read our blog and check back for updates.