A mentee is an individual who is looking to grow their personal or professional skills by engaging in meaningful discussions with a mentor

Mentorship sessions are available to any active member of the African ML community. As a mentee, you can apply for a session in a specific mentorship area, and within 1 week you will be matched with an appropriate mentor for a 1-hour video call (and possible follow-up/s). You can apply for multiple sessions in different mentorship areas. Note, before applying and before your session can take place, you must meet the pre-session requirements for your selected mentorship area. Also included in this document, are points for consideration and helpful links for each area which may help you to prepare for your session.

Why should you sign-up for a mentorship session?

  • Receive personalised feedback on your work from experienced researchers and practitioners
  • Develop your skills
  • Grow your professional network
  • Further the growth of the African ML community

How to apply for a mentorship session

First read our preparation materials, then click on the button below. Please note, you should apply at least 3 weeks before any deadline to give the mentor enough time to arrange their schedule. Further, matching you with a mentor is based on mentor availability and may not be guaranteed.


For further information, please email mentorship@deeplearningindaba.com