A mentor is an individual with expertise in a particular subject area who facilitates the development of a specific skill in a peer (mentee) in support of their personal or professional growth.

We welcome mentors with diverse skill sets, perspectives, and backgrounds to help us in our mission to grow the African ML community. As a mentor, you will be matched with mentees in mentorship areas of your choice for 1-hour video calls (with possible follow-ups). Depending on the mentorship areas you select, each video call may involve 1-2 hours of preparation. You will be able to specify your availability and how many mentees you are able to take on each month. To read more about a mentor’s role in each mentorship area, please see our mentor onboarding information.

Why should you join us as a mentor?

  • A chance to build connections in the flourishing African AI community
  • Exposure to unique problems and perspectives
  • An opportunity to develop leadership and coaching skills
  • A chance to share your skills and experiences to help others
  • To promote diversity in AI
  • It’s fun!

How to sign-up as a mentor

First review our mentor onboarding information, then click on the button below to visit our signup form. You will be asked to specify your expertise and availability so that we can match you as effectively as possible with mentees.


For further information, please email mentorship@deeplearningindaba.com