Yɛbɛtumi (“We Can”)

The Deep Learning Indaba 2023 will be held in Accra, Ghana from the 3rd to the 9th September 2023 with the theme of Yɛbɛtumi, an Akan (Twi) word meaning “we can”.

This 6 day event promises ample opportunities for networking, learning, collaborating and sharing your work.

Whether you are a student, an industry practitioner or academic faculty teaching machine learning, our intense programme offers plenty to keep you engaged. Featuring:

•  Keynote talks from thought leaders in the fields of ML/AI and Ethics

  Opportunities to learn skills in our practical (programming) sessions

•  Mentorship opportunities

  A two day African Research Symposium

  Deep Dive Workshops on topics including NLP; AI in Healthcare; Reinforcement Learning; Machine learning at the Edge; AI Governance and Policy
  And Much More!

Attendance is free for students (350 USD for industry and 150 USD for academic faculty.)

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