If you have any specific question, please feel free to email us at innovation-grants@deeplearningindaba.com and your question will be answered and added here.

Can funding be allocated also for living expenses? So in the budget, can we add living expenses?

No, funding for one’s living expenses cannot be included. All expenses should be directly related to the project outcomes and the proposal should highlight how.​_

Can funding be allocated for publishing papers, a laptop and other hardware?

Publishing fees are acceptable, as are any hardware requirements. You should aim to be specific about expenditure, eg. by mentioning which journal you are targeting or why the hardware is necessary.

Would the funds be allocated each month?

If there are expenses that recur monthly, that should be indicated in your budget. You will however receive the funding in a lump sum and will be responsible for your granular expenditure.

Will there be a mentor allocated to feedback on the project as one, works on it?

Yes, you will have a mentor who will help us evaluate your project progress over the implementation duration and you can reach out to them should you encounter any challenges.

Can the project be a machine learning model that uses python libraries for implementation?

Yes, this is acceptable. It would however aid your proposal if this was not the only output. Datasets created and/or annotated, an analysis of the process of creating the model, and other digital assets would be even better.

How many papers are expected to be written and published during this period?

One paper at a minimum, as the final deliverable of the project.

As funding received through academic institutions may take some time, what can be done for where a project requires the involvement of independent contractors who may need to be paid up front and cannot wait for the funding to be processed via the university?

We anticipate that everyone will receive the funding by the end of August, and will work to make this the case. Receipt of funding via an academic institution or a charity is the preferred route. If neither of these options is available to you, we are able to make concessions in some edge scenarios and instead send the grant award to the project lead, who would be contracted as a consultant and would be responsible for the project expenditure.

Is it okay to work on a project on one's own, in addition to counting on mentorship support?

Yes, you can work on a project alone. However, having a team with varied skills and experiences, is encouraged. This helps build confidence in reviewers that the team can collaboratively deliver on the project and mitigates any instances where one person may be indisposed for part of the implementation duration.

Can I submit a proposal in French or Portuguese?

Yes, you can.