The Indaba is actively seeking sponsorship to make the next gathering. Support the community of African Machine Learning and the AI ecosystem, and make an impactful contribution to global diversity and inclusion in the field of AI by becoming a sponsor of the 2024 Deep Learning Indaba.
We offer you the opportunity to engage with our 600+ in-person participants, network with leading African and global researchers and innovators, identify new talent through access to CVs and mentoring, organize hackathons, and be part of the largest AI community on the continent.

Check our Sponsorship Prospectus for more details about our support opportunities.

Donations, Gifts and Grants Prospectus

With its educational charity status, the Deep Learning Indaba’s focus is on learning, teaching, research, and the role work of peer learning and community building. To support us in strengthening African AI, and to ensure that Africans are owners and shapers of the coming advances in AI, your support is highly needed either in the form of Donations, Gifts and/or Grants. Please check our prospectus for more details.

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