There are a few options for you to travel from the airport and and get around Nairobi during your time at the Indaba. Plan this in advance. Here are our suggestions.

  • There is Wifi at Jomo Kenyatta international airport.
  • Consider getting a sim card at the airport. For details of sim cards and mobile phones for Kenya, see this page.
  • Use the Slack channel #airport to see if you can coordinate with others.

General Airport Transfer

To get to Kenyatta University from the airport, you can arrange one fo the following:

  • Maramoja/Uber: These are taxi app services. There typical cost is between KES 1500-2000 to get to either Kenyatta University or Safari Park Hotel. Find details of discounts using Maramoja below. You can arrange with other attendees travelling at the same time to share costs using the slack channel #airport.
  • Warning: There are many drivers at the airport that will say that they are Uber drivers, which will not be true. Make sure you order your ride through the app and double check the number plates.
  • Airport taxis: There are several airport taxis, although these are more expensive than using Uber or Maramoja. They typically cost around KES 2000-2500. If you need one of these, you should negotiate to get the Uber price.

Maramoja Taxis

​We are proud to have Maramoja as as transport partners. Please familiarise yourself   

with the options and download all the needed apps before you travel.

​Maramoja is a taxi service offering safe and reliable taxis at fixed prices.

  • Use Maramoja to:
    • Travel from the airport to KU and nearby Hotels.
    • Travel from KU and nearby hotels to the airport.
    • For daily transportation for participants who are staying out of KU.
  • ​In order to access the Maramoja Service and discount, download the App from Google Play Store.
  • If you want to use the Maramoja Taxis, please register here.
  • For Indaba participants, you get a daily discount of Kshs. 300/= discounts daily for any Indaba participants who’ll have registered and downloaded the App.
  • This amount will be credited daily on individual’s accounts from the 24th to the 31st of August 2019. The amount is not transferable and expires at the end of the day.

Travel to Opening and Closing Events

We will be using buses leaving from KU to travel to the opening and closing events. The schedule for departures and returns will be updated here soon. Please check again soon.