Sekou Lionel Remy

IBM Research Africa ​Reinforcement Learning Fundamentals
Reinforcement Learning Fundamentals

Meredith Palmer

University of Minnesota
How can Machine Learning Inform ecology?

Ciira wa Maina

Lecturer at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Nyeri, Kenya, One of the driving forces of Data Science Africa (DSA)
Symposium Keynote and Makers Session

Adji Bousso Dieng​

Columbia University
Generative Models, ​VAEs and GANS

Benjamin Rosman

Researcher, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Reinforcement Learning Frontiers

Kris Sankaran

Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms
Attention and Memory

Laura Sevilla

University of Edinburgh
Vision and Interactive Research Skills

Nyalleng Moorosi

Researcher at Google AI, Ghana
Data Science

Daniela Massiceti

PhD Candidate, University of Oxford
Computer Vision and Presentation Skills

Avishkar Bhoopchand

Research Engineer, DeepMind
Recurrent Neural Networks

Karim Beguir

Co-founder and CEO of InstaDeep, Google Developer Machine Learning Expert
Startups and Innovation in Africa

Saumya Jetley

Computer Vision​

Kathleen Siminyu

Data Scientist Africa's Talking; Co-organiser, Nairobi Machine Learning and Data Science
Natural Language Processing

Sara Hooker

Google AI Ghana
Machine learning in Resource Constrained Environments

Daniele Orner

Brave Venture Labs
Machine Learning in Production

Emily Muller

Imperial College
AI and Fairness Workshop

Willie Brink

Senior Lecturer, Stellenbosch University
Optimisation in Deep Learning

Ulrich Paquet

Research Scientist, DeepMind, London
Bayesian Inference Fundamentals

Delmiro Fernandes-Reyes

University College London
Machine Learning for Healthcare

Jade Abbott

Machine Learning in Production

Herman Kamper

Lecturer, Stellenbosch University
Natural Language Processing and Speech and Language

Manohar Paluri

Facebook AI Research
Computer Vision

Natalia Neverova

Facebook AI Research
Computer Vision

Vukosi Marivate

Chair of Data Science, University of Pretoria; CSIR; ​and Deep Learning Indaba
AI and Fairness Workshop

Preston Adie

Africa's Talking
AI in Kenya

Babatunde Ekemode

Africa's Talking
AI in Kenya

Abdoulaye Banire Diallo

Professor, Director of the Bioinformatics Lab at Université du Québec à Montréal & co-founder and Chief Scientist of at My Intelligent Machines

Ruha Benjamin

Associate Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, Founder of the JUST DATA Lab

Samory Kpotufe

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Columbia University

Aisha Walcott-Bryant

Research scientist and manager at IBM Research Africa - Nairobi, Kenya

Finale Doshi-Velez

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University

Richard Socher

Chief Scientist at Salesforce

Marc Deisenroth

Imperial College
Bayesian Optimisation and Hyperparameter Search

Stig Petersen

How can Machine Learning Inform Ecology?

Gilbert Lim

National University Singapore
ML for Health

Jonathan Gerrand

University of the Witwatersrand
ML for Health

Olivier Bent

University of Oxford
ML for Health

Pashmina Cameron

Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK
Deep Learning Fundamentals

Victor Akinwade


Stuart Reid

Chief Scientist and partner, NMRQL Research
Startups and Innovation

Stefano Ermon

Stanford/Atlas AI
Datasets for African AI

Pete Warden

Tensorflow at Google
Machine learning in Resource Constrained Environments

Raymond Onouha

UNESCO inclusive policy lab
AI and Fairness

Nazneen Fatema Rajani

AI and Fairness

Teki Akuetteh Falconer

Senior Partner at Nsiah Akuetteh & Co.
AI and Fairness

Grace Mutung’u

AI and Fairness

Josephine Miliza

Tunapanda Institute
AI and Fairness

Robert Muthuri

AI and Fairness

Alex Comninos

AI and Fairness