Where can I book nearby accomodation?

Yes, we have secured deals with nearby hotels with rooms starting from $38 USD per night. To find details, please use the page provided by our local travel agent here.

  • Payment is done online and is a requirement to confirm your reservation. Any booking without payment will be cancelled within a few hours.
  • While booking, make sure to put your phone number and email address in the observation section and make sure to book your stay before the 8th of August.
  • Please note that this service is provided by a third party, if you experience any issues, please contact Kyranis Travel directly through:
  • Important note: Reservations are neither modifiable nor refundable.

Where will I stay if I receive an accommodation grant?

If you received an accommodation grant from us, your accommodation will be at the university student dormitories. Buildings are split by gender and you may be accommodated in a shared room with someone else. Note that this is very basic accommodation with shared WC and showers (in the same building) and no air conditioning, although we will provide fans for the rooms. Accommodation available 20 (check in) – 27 August (check out)

What if I received an accommodation grant but can’t share with someone for personal reasons?

You can request a single room in your registration form, but these are limited and will be allocated based on need, so this is not guaranteed. Note that these rooms are also in the university student dormitories and still have a shared WC and no air conditioning. 

Will transport to and from the venue be provided during the event?

If you are staying in university dormitories, we will provide transport to and from the venue every day. If you are staying in private accommodation it will be your responsibility to arrange transport – we will provide you with a local information pack before arrival with recommendations of apps for transport. Transport between the university and any Indaba events held during the week will be provided.

The Dorms: University of Tunis – Balkis

We’ve reserved the entire dorm rooms (multiple halls) in El Menzah 7.

  • The rooms are twin rooms, with two single beds per room.
  • The hostel has shared bathrooms (i.e. not en-suite).
  • There are separate male and female hostels.
  • Shuttle buses will go to the University in the morning and back in the afternoon. The drive is about 15 minutes each way.