Where is the Indaba being held?

Sup’Com; Higher School of Communication of Tunis (Google maps location)


Where can I find information about accommodation?

See the Accommodation page for details that has information about accommodation for everyone who has received an accommodation grant, or options for booking accommodation for everyone who needs it.

Travel to Tunisia

Where is the closest airport?

The closest airport is Tunis-Carthage International Airport, which is just a 15 minute taxi ride to the Indaba venue. See map here 

Will transport to and from the airport in Tunisia be provided?

If you stay at the university dormitories, yes. If you stay in private accommodation, then we will aim to provide transport to selected hotels, more details will follow, but for now assume the answer is no.  

If I received a travel grant, will transport be provided to and from the airport in my home country?

No, it will be your responsibility to provide transport to and from the airport in your home country.

Will I need a visa?

It is your responsibility to determine and to arrange this accordingly, however we can provide an official letter of invitation to assist in your application, if applicable. These letters are available by logging ino your account on our Baobab platform.

COVID-19 Policy

At the time of writing, you need to meet one of the following Covid-19 requirements to enter Tunisia:

  • Negative PCR COVID-19 test result, taken no more than 48 hours before departure
  • Negative antigen COVID-19 test result, taken no more than 24 hours before departure
  • COVID-19 vaccine certificate showing full vaccination with an approved vaccine

For more details and up to date information, please visit Visa Tunisia.

Registration Fees

How do I pay my registration fee?

We will send you an invoice with payment instructions in the next few weeks. 

Presenting your Work

Will I be able to present my work at the event?

Yes, Wednesday will be the Africa Research Day and all Indaba attendees are encouraged to present their work in the form of a poster. This will allow you to share your work with others and receive feedback from our speakers, mentors and other attendees. We will ask you during registration for the title of your poster and more details about the format of posters will follow closer to the event. 

At the Indaba

Will food be provided?

Lunch, tea, coffee and light snacks will be provided every day of the event and dinner will be provided at evening events taking place during the week. Note that there won’t be an evening event every day, so you will have to arrange your own dinner on certain evenings. 

Will my dietary requirements be catered for?

Yes, but please make sure you specify all dietary requirements and allergies in the registration form

Are there volunteering opportunities?

Yes, we will ask during registration if you’d be interested in volunteering and will reach out with opportunities closer to the event. 

AI Hack Tunisia 2022

What is the AI Hack?

AI ​​Hack Tunisia is a hackathon on AI and Machine Learning hosted by InstaDeep and Google. It is open to developers of all profiles as well as tech entrepreneurs, researchers, students, PhD holders, and startups to create innovative ideas and solve real challenges using Artificial Intelligence.

The first edition of the event, AI ​​Hack Tunisia 2019 was one of the biggest Hackathons in Africa with more than 1000 participants from Africa and the Middle East that were mentored by internationally recognized experts of the field.

After a two-year break, AI ​​Hack Tunisia 2022 will take place over 3 days from the 29th to the 31st of August 2022 at Radès -Omnisport Arena.

It will welcome participants from the whole African continent and the Middle east.

The AI Hack Tunisia 2022 will be a double hackathon: the first part will be an individual Machine Learning Challenge, and the second part will be a group (or as we like to say, startup) competition focused on a specific technology (that will be announced a few days before the event).

So gather up your team! With mentors, judges and competitors from all over the world, it’s going to be a blast!

Applications for the event will be open shortly, but Deep Learning Indaba participants are automatically accepted to take part in this year’s hackathon.

Where is the AI Hack Tunisia taking place?


If I received an accommodation grant for the Indaba, will accommodation also be provided for the AI Hack Tunisia?

Yes, if you are staying at the university dormitories and want to attend AI Hack Tunisia, you will be transferred to accommodation arranged by the AI Hack on the 27th of August. 


I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I contact?

For any other questions, please get in touch with info@