The IndabaX programme started in 2018 as an experiment in strengthening our machine learning community beyond the annual Deep Learning Indaba, to allow more people to contribute to the conversation on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We join hands across our beautiful continent. The initiative continues in 2022, and it is YOUR initiative!

In 2018, we supported 13 IndabaX events that were run locally in different countries across Africa.

In 2019, the IndabaX grew to include 27 countries! The events range from roughly 50 attendees per event, up to some of the larger ones which exceeded 300, allowing our community to grow to several thousand attendees.

In 2021, due to the global pandemic, and after a one year break, IndabaX came back with 23 countries. Whether online or in hybrid format, these events were a success everywhere they went, with organisers coming up with brilliant and innovative solutions to have the events be as interactive as possible.

In 2022, we have supported 25 countries of which some have happened and others are scheduled to happen before the year ends.