This is the current list of posters and demos that will be presented on the Africa Research day. This page will be updated regularly.

Poster Presentations

Poster # Presenter(s) Poster Title Link to Poster
1 Abderrahman Aouadi Detection and characterization of breast tumors from medical images by machine learning  
2 Abdulganiyu Jimoh Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Collective Intelligence (CI) for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
3 Abdulhameed Dere Machine Learning in Diagnosis of Mental Illness: A study of University of Ilorin Medical Students _Dere_5438_poster.pdf
4 Abrar Elidrisi Remote sensing-based crop classification for sustainable agriculture in Sudan
5 Adeyinka Abiodun Development of a Modified Likelihood Ratio Model for Multi-Modal Biometric Identification in Forensic Science
6 Ahmed Alhassan Autonomous Cellular Network Optimization
7 Ajala, Marvellous O Application of Computer Vision for the Microscopical classification of starches for pharmaceutical formulations
8 Ala’a El-Nabawy A Cascade Deep Forest Model for Breast Cancer Subtype Classification Using Multi-Omics Data’a_El-Nabawy_5365_poster.pdf
9 Aletta S E Nortje Visually prompted keyword localisation S E_Nortje_1388_poster.pdf
10 Ali Hussein NAS-zero: Neural Architecture Search from scratch  
11 AMEL LAIDI A GAN Solution for Data imbalance in Atherosclerosis Screening
13 Ammar Khairi Remote sensing-based crop classification for sustainable agriculture in Sudan
14 Anne Osio Detection of degraded Acacia using Deep Learning on UAV Imageries.  
15 Ariane HOUETOHOSSOU Deep Learning methods for biotic and abiotic stresses detection in fruits and vegetables: state of the art and perspectives
16 Arnol Fokam Effects of Annotations’ Density on Named Entity Recognition Models’ Performance in the Context of African Languages _Fokam_8192_poster.pdf
17 Ashraf Elneima Adversarial Text-to-Speech for low-resource languages
18 Ashraf Hatim Adversarial Text-to-Speech for low-resource languages
19 Asmelash Hadgu Lesan – Machine Translation for Low Resource Languages  
20 assala benmalek Fire detection system with cameras and drones
21 Belayneh Endalamaw Diabets Disease Prediction Model Deployment onHeroku-based Cloud Computing Platforms using Homogeneous Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms
22 BELONA MARY SONNA MOMO Explainable AI with propositional Logic  
23 Berber Kramer Development Engineering (DevEng): Publish applications of deep learning for global development
24 Blessing Sibanda Vegetable plant disease classification using mobile convolutional neural network on offline smartphones
25 Bolaji Akorede Age related changes in prostaglandins e2, nitric oxide, vascular endothelial growth factor in the healing of acetic acids induced ulcer _Akorede _7068_poster.pdf
26 Boluwaji Akinnuwesi Re-Engineering Financial Inclusiveness in the Kingdom of Eswatini using Machine Learning Engineering (MLe) Algorithms
27 Bunmi Akinremi Detection and Analysis of Plastic Waste: A Tiling Approach
28 Caleb Robinson Geospatial Learning at Microsoft AI for Good  
29 Celia Cintas Pattern Detection in the Activation Space for Identifying Out of Distribution Samples  
31 Christopher Fourie Impact of Noise on Learned Value Functions at Depth in CoAgent Networks for Neural Network Credit Assignment  
32 Claire Babirye Inferring crop pests and diseases from imagery soil data and soil properties.  
33 Claude Formanek Off-The-Grid Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
34 Daniel Abidemi Ajisafe Mirror-BPSA: Learning Human Body Pose, Shape and Appearance from Mirror Images
35 Daniel Whitenack Phone-ing it in: Towards Flexible, Multi-Modal Language Model Training using Phonetic Representations of Data
36 Daphne Machangara Predictions and Application of Queuing Analysis at Regional Hospital Limbe (Cameroon)
37 Duaa Alshareif Controlling texture and shape bias in deep learning classifiers
38 Dylan Geldenhuys A Deep Learning Approach to Predict Blood Pressure from PPG Signals  
39 Ebenezer Olubayode Development of AI-Powered Digital Therapeutics For Personalized and Fun-Filled Exercise-Based Therapies
40 ELIZABETH BENSON A Deep learning Model for Retinopathy of Prematurity Stage III Disease Diagnosis
41 Elsie Kaaya Developent of an medical expert system for quality antenatal care in Tanzania
42 Emily Muller Mapping city-wide perceptions of neighbourhood quality using street view images: a methodological toolkit. _Muller_8199_poster.pdf
43 Eniola Olaleye A Recommendation System to Enhance Midwives’ Capacities in Low-Income Countries
44 Espoir Murhabazi Exploring Open Domain Question Answering in French
45 Esther Oduntan Text Representation Enhancement using multi-modal attention mechanism for Text Visual Question Answering
46 Everlyn Chimoto Active Learning for Low-Resource African Languages  
47 Fadel THIOR Computer Vision for Tumor Segmentation  
48 Fadoua Ouamani A Tunisian-Dialect deep language model based psychologist-chatbot to assess and manage the mental health of Tunisian people during and after COVID-19 pandemic. _Ouamani_8207_poster.pdf
49 Fehmi Najar Physical informed neural network for structural health monitoring  
50 Fetenech Meskele Prediction of Right Seeds Sowing Session Using Machine Learning Approach (Wolaita Zone) Ethiopia
52 Foutse Yuehgoh A Technology Intelligence Recommendation System based on Multiplex Networks
53 Francis TOSSOU Spatio-temporal distribution of population in Lome  
54 Fred Sangol Uche AI-Based Biomedical Image Analysis System for Disease Diagnosis Sangol_Uche_4884_poster.pdf
55 Frederick Apina Deep Learning Towards Efficiency Malaria Dataset Creation  
56 Genet Shanko Dekebo Developing an offline and online multilingual mobile app to improve public awareness about COVID-19 to limit its Calamity Impact  
57 ghofrane Abidi NLU agent for the insurance industry  
58 Gina Moape Setswana Word Sense Disambiguation in Machine Translation for Implementation of Pepper Humanoid Instructor Robot
59 Gizeaddis Simegn Clinical Decision support system for diagnosis of Heart Diseases
60 Gloria Namanya Geospatial Data Analysis and Visualization for Crop Disease Surveillance, Sub-Suharan Africa.
61 Grace Omojola Chemotronix: IOT device enabled with AI for carbon reduction
63 Heinrich Van Deventer ANNs that are efficient and robust to catastrophic forgetting  
64 Henock Makumbu Application of Ensemble methods for solving imbalanced data problems
65 Hewitt Tusiime Automatic Depression Detection
66 Hope Mbelwa Image-Based Poultry Disease Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
67 Houssem Ben Khalfallah Toward a Clinical Decision Support System for Patients with Sepsis using Machine Learning and Data Mining Khalfallah_8091_poster.pdf
68 Humphrey Owuor Intelligent Network Slices for Digital Health Applications.  
69 Hyam Ali Computational Diagnostic Method of the Organisms Causing Mycetoma Based on Histology _Ali_5228_poster.pdf
70 Ian Omung’a Vectorgram: A Generalized Benchmark for Breast Cancer CADe Systems on the VinDr Mammo Dataset  
71 Ichrak Hamdi I can-cer vive
72 Ihssene Brahimi Fire detection system with cameras and drones
73 Ines Haouala Computer Vision Enabled Industrial Robot Manipulator for Sorting Operation
74 Jacobie Mouton SIReN-VAE: Leveraging Flows and Amortized Inference for Bayesian Networks
75 Jacobus Louw A Framework for Performing Traffic Signal Control using Reinforcement Learning
76 Jacobus Martin SumoGym: a Framework for Performing Traffic Control using Reinforcement Learning
77 James Allingham Sparse MoEs meet Efficient Ensembles  
78 Jan Buys Subword Segmental Language Modelling for Nguni Languages
79 Javier Antoran Improving the efficiency of X-Ray image reconstruction with Bayesian Deep Learning
80 JEAN AMUKWATSE Utilization of machine learning in screening for multi drug resistance in TB cases  
81 Jeremiah Fadugba Deep Multiple Instance Learning for referable or non referable diabetic retinopathy from Fundus images.  
82 Johan van den Burg Predicting maize crop yields using multiple linear regression and backward elimination van den Burg_8136_poster.pdf
83 Jonathan Mukiibi The Makerere Radio Speech Corpus: A Luganda Radio Corpus for Automatic Speech Recognition
84 Juan Claude Formanek Off-The-Grid Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
85 Kaleab Tessera Learning Dynamic Networks
86 Kathleen Siminyu More Data versus Less Repetition; which matters more for Kiswahili Automatic Speech Recognition?  
87 KELVIN OGBA DAFIAGHOR Artificial Intelligence: the workplace and Job skills OGBA_DAFIAGHOR_5642_poster.jpg
88 Keneilwe Mokoka A comparison of the efficiency of MRI and Mammography in breast cancer detection, using Convolutional Neural Networks
89 Kennedy Wangari Towards Automating Healthcare Question Answering in a Noisy Multilingual Low-Resource Setting  
90 Kevin Eloff Towards Learning to Speak and Hear Through Multi-Agent Communication over a Continuous Acoustic Channel
91 Khadija Iddrisu Deep Learning Architectures For Brain Vessel Segmentation _Iddrisu _4778_poster.pdf
92 KHALID ELMADANI SudaBERT: A Pre-trained Encoder Representation For Sudanese Arabic Dialect
93 Khutso FENYANE Efficient Electricity Consumption Tracking based on Machine Learning  
94 Kristina Georgieva Data science in early phase startups
95 Krupa Suchak Predicting data gravity growth and transitions in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Region  
96 Lillian Wanzare Kencorpus: Kenyan Languages Corpus for Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning _Wanzare_8541_poster.pdf
97 Linda Marrakchi Brain Tumor Survival Prediction Project: Challenges in a Tunisian context
98 Loyani Loyani A Deep Learning Approach for Quantifying Tuta Absoluta ’s damage on Tomato Plants
99 Luís Pina A computer vision non-intrusive mechanism to collect images and give real-time insights about animals behaviour on coral reefs in Mozambican watersís_Pina_4004_poster.pdf
100 Lungisani Ndlovu Investigating Social Media Misinformation for the 2021 South African Municipal Elections  
101 Mahmoud Ghorbrl Deep Visual Feature Learning for Person Re-identification  
102 Mai Gamal Pre-trained Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Modeling Natural Visual Stimulus Encoding in the Early Visual System
103 Marwa BEN AMMAR System Aided Diagnosis Breast Cancer  
104 Marwa DHIAF Named Entity Extraction using Transformer in Handwritten documents images _DHIAF _8208_poster.pdf
105 Mary Salami AFRIFASHION1600: A Contemporary African ​ Fashion Dataset for Computer Vision​ ​ ​
106 Matimba Shingange Xitsonga <>English translation using NMT with Back translation  
107 Matthew Morris Universally Expressive Communication in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
108 Mbangula Lameck Amugongo Towards trustworthy AI-based algorithms in healthcare: A case of medical images. Lameck _Amugongo_8134_poster.pdf
109 Mbithe Nzomo An Agent-Based Framework for Precision Health
110 Melsew Belachew Integration of Data Mining with Knowledge Based System for Diagnosis and Treatment of peppercorn Crop
111 Mike Mwanga Enhanced deep convolutional neural network for SARS-CoV-2 classification  
112 Moayad Elamin Creating Spoken Dialog Systems in Ultra-Low Resourced Settings  
113 Mohammed Almakki Autophase V2: Towards Function Level Phase Ordering Optimization
114 Mona Mayouf A review on cutting edge neural networks advancements  
116 Muhammed Saeed Overcoming Orthographic Variations of Related Languages with Noisy Augmentation in Naija Pidgin  
117 Mulualem Bitew Accessibility of AI Technologies for Persons with Disabilities and the Legal Requirements: Assessing the Situation In Ethiopia
118 Nabil BADRI Combining FastText and Glove Word Embedding for Offensive and Hate speech Text Detection
119 Nasirudeen Raheem Reducing the risk of Gender-based Violence with Interpretable Machine Learning
120 Nesrine Ben Yahia Healthcare analytics for predicting influenza epidemic outbreaks: Experiences and Lessons Learned Ben Yahia _8209_poster.pdf
121 Nicolas Lopez Carranza DeepChain : A platform for Protein Design
122 Nomsa Duduzile Lina Thabethe Machine Learning Approach for Atmospheric Modeling, Health Impacts and Legal Analysis
123 Ofentse Phuti Identification of Plasmodium species in malaria diagnosis through image classification techniques  
124 Okegbemi Lawrence An Emergency Influence based Twitterbot using ULMfit
125 Olutola Agbelusi Development of predictive model for the survival of HIV/AIDs pediatric patients using data mining techniques.  
126 Oluwabukola Adegboro Incremental Learning Based Anomaly Detection For Computed Tomography (CT)
127 Otmane Amel Multimodal learning for customs fraud detection and action recognition.
128 Oyindamola Olatunji A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Autism Spectrum Disorder using fMRI data  
129 Paul Adedeji Meteorological-based oil temperature prediction in wind turbine gearbox using deep learning
130 Paul Adeola Adedeji Meteorological-based oil temperature prediction in wind turbine gearbox using deep learning
131 Pelonomi Moiloa Analysis of the Restitution Discourse Online  
132 Proscovia Nakiranda Building Identification In Satellite Imagery using Deep learning  
133 Rachel Catzel Investigation of brain ageing in HIV-positive individuals using a neural network
134 Raesetje Sefala Constructing a Visual Dataset to Study the Effects of Spatial Apartheid in South Africa
135 Ramadimetse Sydil Kupa Distilling Radio Sources From Noise: A Computer Vision Approach
136 Rami Ahmed Model-Based Actor-Critic  
137 Ruan van der Merwe Manifold Characteristics That Predict Downstream Task Performance der Merwe_4656_poster.pdf
138 Sakinat Folorunso ORIN: The Nigerian music benchmark dataset for Music Information Retrieval task–NqBo79HPAPKGfAM7DS4b3ui
139 Sebastien Diarra Grassroots African ML : Tools and Methods for Enabling the Participation of Bambaraphone Communities
140 Segun Adebayo Tiny-ML Possibilities for the implementation of Keyemaba: Pest Detection and Prevention using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on Farmland.
141 Seleme Shoky Maakgetlwa Multi-objective Loan Portfolio Optimization in Peer-to-Peer Lending Markets using Machine-Learning Techniques  
143 SHESTER LANDRY MSOUOBU GUEUWOU Ghanaian Sign Language Translation  
144 Siobhan Hall A Prompt Array Keeps the Bias Away: Debiasing Vision-Language Models with Adversarial Learning _Hall_28_poster.pdf
145 Sisipho Hamlomo Low-rank Approximation and Gaussian Noise Estimation. An Analysis with Surgical Imaging
146 Steven Kolawole Towards an Inclusive Society: Sign-to-Speech Model for Sign Language Understanding
147 Sunday Ajagbe Development of multimedia corpus in medical domain using neural machine translation
148 Tamlin Love Harnessing the wisdom of an unreliable crowd for autonomous decision making
149 Tayeb Benzenati Deep Learning for Satellite Image Fusion
150 Tejumade Afonja SautiDB-Naija: A Nigerian L2 English Speech Corpus
151 Thapelo Andrew Sindane Cross-Lingual Embedding Methods and Applications: A Systematic Review for Low-Resourced Scenarios Andrew_Sindane_4865_poster.pdf
152 Toluwani Adegoke Application of Pattern Recognition to Early Detection of symptoms of sickle cell crisis  
153 Umar Adam Ibrahim Speech Recognition for Hausa language  
155 Wafaa Mohammed Visual grounding of Interlingual Word embeddings
156 Wathela Alhassan Detection of Einstein Telescope gravitational wave signals from binary black holes using CNNs
157 Wilhelmina Nekoto WON (Writing Our Narratives) – My African Dream  
158 Yannick Serge Obam Akou PLANT DISEASE CLASSIFICATION USING DEEP LEARNING MODELS Serge_Obam Akou_554_poster.pdf
159 Yara Armel Désiré Horus Eye Désiré_4657_poster.pdf
160 Yaroub ELLOUMI End-to-End Mobile System for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Based on Lightweight Deep Neural Network
161 Yassir Osman Controlling texture and shape bias in deep learning classifiers  
162 Yusuf Brima Supervised Contrastive Deep Learning for Individual Recognition  
163 Yvan Tamdjo Biakeu Building a zero-shot translation model for some African languages: Afrikaans, Hausa, Malagasy, Swahili, Xhosa, and Zulu
164 Zakia Salod Creating and comparing machine learning-based reverse vaccinology models for predicting viral protective antigens
165 Zephania Reuben Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis  


Demo Title Presenter
Deep Visual Feature Learning for Person Re-identification Mahmoud Ghorbrl
Deep learning-based approach to predict request for helps in emergency
AfriDial: A NLP based API for African Dialect Sentiment Analysis Wael Ouarda
Possibilistic Rank-Level Fusion Method for Person Re-Identification ilef ben slima
Satellite Image Fusion Tayeb Benzenati
An expectation maximization algorithm for the hidden Markov model with multiparameter Student-t observations Mahdi LOUATI
A Tunisian-Dialect deep language model based psychologist-chatbot to
assess and manage the mental health of Tunisian people during and after
COVID-19 pandemic.
Fadoua Ouamani
Named Entity Extraction from document images Marwa DHIAF
Healthcare analytics for predicting influenza epidemic outbreaks:
Experiences and Lessons Learned
Nesrine Ben Yahia
Using voice assistant to improve patient’s engagement in online
therapy platforms
Mariem Jelassi
Possibilistic modeling of small sample size Sonda Ammar
Toward a Clinical Decision Support System for Patients with Sepsis
using Machine Learning and Data Mining
Houssem Ben Khalfallah
A hybrid method based on Quantum-enhanced RNN And Data
Integration for the prediction of COVID-19 outbreak
Ahmed Nasri