If you are in a country listed below and you would like to be involved in organising an IndabaX, please reach out to us through the online form to tell us about your motivation and what you hope to achieve. We are community builders and work together! We therefore encourage you to also reach out to the core contact through the provided e-mail address to coordinate with them, so that you can join forces and organize one impactful event per country.

Primary Organiser/Contact Email Address Host country
Mostafa EL HABIB DAHO mostafa.elhabibdaho@gmail.com Algeria
Volviane Saphir MFOGO smfogo@aimsammi.org Cameroon
Aya Salama aya_salama@aucegypt.edu Egypt
Dr. Stephen Fashoto gbengafash2@gmail.com Eswatini
Genete Shenko , Dawit Shibabaw dawitshibabaw14@gmail.com and gdekebo2020@gmail.com Ethiopia
Aseda Addai-Deseh aseda.oad@gmail.com Ghana
Muriithi Nduta Ruth & Antony Ndolo antony.ndolo@mksu.ac.ke,  ndutaruthmuriithi@gmail.com Kenya
Makhamisa Senekane makhamisa12@gmail.com Lesotho
Amelia Taylor, The Malawi Polytechnic ataylor@poly.ac.mw Malawi
Michael Leventhal mleventhal@robotsmali.org Mali
Luís Pina luis.pina@unilurio.ac.mz Mozambique
Jose Quenum jquenum@nust.na Namibia
Sakinat Oluwabukonla Folorunso sakinat.folorunso@oouagoiwoye.edu.ng Nigeria
Daouda Tandiang DJIBA daoudatandiang.djiba@gmail.com Senegal
Christopher Currin chris.currin@gmail.com South Africa
Muhammed Saeed Mohammed.yahia3@gmail.com Sudan
Essa Mohamedali essa@ailab.co.tz Tanzania
lamarana Jallow ljallow@utg.edu.gm The Gambia
Kossi Amouzouvi kamouzouvi@aimsammi.org Togo
Imen Mahdi Imen.mahdi@ieee.org Tunisia
Bruno Ssekiwere brunocruise2004@gmail.com Uganda
Yasin Musa Ayami yasinayami@gmail.com Zambia
Daphne Machangara daphne.machangara@aims-cameroon.org Zimbabwe