Are you an Industry Participant or do you have an AI product that you would wish to demonstrate with the African community? The Research in Africa Showcase is your chance to do so!

We invite submissions of a one page abstract of an AI Product Demo for the Deep Learning Indaba in 2023. Submissions are limited to selected attendees who wish to make a product demonstration during the Research in Africa Showcase Days.

Submission of the Product Demo Abstract is to be done using the registration form that will be shared with participants via Baobab.

Submission Deadline: 07 August 2023

Time Presenter Category Title
11:00 Nyalleng Moorosi Sponsor Talk: DAIR DAIR Institute – Community Rooted AI Research
11:20 Kofi Yeboah Sponsor Talk: Mozilla Mozilla’s Africa Innovation Program
11:40 Mary Afram Sponsor Talk: GIZ GIZ’s work in AI- Highlight on Cashew Disease Identification Project in Ghana
12:00 Paul Kennedy Sponsor Talk: Zindi How to use Zindi to land your dream data job
12:20 Alex Laterre Sponsor Talk: InstaDeep Scaling Up Reinforcement Learning with JAX
12:40 Lunch
16:30 Jubilee Mzingaye Sibanda Invited Talk Mtoliki (Zimbabwean Indigenous Language machine translation tool)
16:45 Noble Mutabazi Invited Talk Machine Learning for PM2.5 Forecasting in Uganda: An AirQo Project
17:00 Flavia Mayo Invited Talk Development of Deep Learning Model for early detection of maize diseases in Tanzania
17:15 Belayneh Endalamaw Invited Talk Constructing Birth Weight Prediction Model Based on Maternal Determinate in Ethiopia Using Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms
17:30 Marjan Hussein Invited Talk Use of TinyML in Wearable Devices
17:45 Nadiera Mustapha Invited Talk From Pixels to Plastic: Charting a Path to Detect, Track, and Count Oceanic Plastic Pollution through Computer Vision

List of Industry Demo Presentations

Date: 6th September, 2023.

Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Demo # First Name Last Name Demo Title
1 Aanuoluwapo  Akinniranye  African Fashion Outfit Recommendation System
2 Amelia Taylor Developing tools for predictive analysis of COVID-19 data in Malawi
3 Amine Kerkeni Leveraging LLMs in real life entreprise applications
4 Antony Gitau AI demo of the poster above
5 Asmelash Teka Hadgu Lesan
6 Atieno Ogayo African Voices
7 Audry Ashleen  Chivanga Doctors Availability and Hospitals Schedulling App
9 Belayneh Endalamaw Constructing Birth Weight Prediction Model Based on Maternal Determinate in Ethiopia Using Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms
10 Ben-Manson Toussaint Simplifying technical specialized localizations by combining AI translation and human proofreading in an automated process
11 Billy Peter Munyenyembe Briisp Student Exam Verification System
12 Brian Halubanza The use of IoT and Deep Learning in Locust identification
13 Christine Muthee CanAIRy alerts forecasts
14 Courteney Mukoyi VoteBot
15 CYNTHIA JAYNE AMOL PolitiKweli: A Swahili-English Code-switched Political Misinformation Classification Dataset
16 ELIZABETH BENSON A Hybrid model for Retinopathy of Prematurity stage III Diagnosis 
17 Ezekiel  Sebastine Edge AI for All: Breaking Down Language and Connectivity Barriers in Rural Africa
18 Fabiola SABOUTEY TETTEY Analyse de flux vidéos pour la détection d’irrégularités et le lancement d’alertes.
19 Flavia Mayo Development of Deep Learning Model for early detection of maize diseases in Tanzania
20 Fortune Adekogbe “Ehn” – A bidirectional English to Nigerian Pidgin Translation System
21 Francis Saa-Dittoh TIBaLLi Speak
22 Francois Gonothi Toure healtor – health monitoring system : Heart & Kidney health Intelligent Monitoring System
23 Gideon Onyewuenyi Revolutionizing the Brand Building Industry with AI
24 Houssem Ben Khalfallah Decision Support System Early detection For Sepsis
25 Ian Omung’a Vectorgram: An End to End Breast Cancer Diagnosis Platform
26 Isaac Oluwafemi Ogunniyi Vehicle CO2 emission prediction
27 JEAN AMUKWATSE Utilization of machine learning in screening for multi drug resistance TB
28 John Eshun Introduction to Data Science And Machine Learning.
29 Jubilee Mzingaye Sibanda Mtoliki (Zimbabwean Indigenous Language machine translation tool)
30 Justice Aheto Geospatial modelling and interactive web-based spatial mapping of zero dose vaccination coverage to inform control efforts in Nigeria
31 Kira Dusterwald Automatic staff rostering for hospital duties: an optimisation-based web application
32 Leonida Mutuku Building an AI Early Warning System for Maize in Kenya
33 Lisa Limo Chemtai MED(Mental health, epilepsy, diabetes) system and application
34 Macphail Magwira Project Hive
35 Maria Schuld PennyLane: Machine Learning with quantum computers 
36 Marjan Hussein Use of TinyML in wearable devices
37 Mathews Jere Mtsogoleri
38 Mohammed Mahjoub Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
39 Nabil BADRI Abusive and Hate speech Classification in Arabic Text Using Pre-trained Language Models and Data Augmentation
40 Nana Sam Yeboah NSMQ AI
41 Nicholas Musau A Novel Automated Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Information System with Google Earth Engine
42 Nicolas  Lopez Carranza  DeepChain 
43 Noble Mutabazi Machine Learning for PM2.5 Forecasting in Uganda: An AirQo Project
44 Nomsa Nungu  The Journal
46 Oladimeji Samuel Sowole – The Marketplace for AI APIs
47 RABBI BOATENG Remote Mapping of Algae on Walls of Building with a 3D Printed Hyperspectral Fluorescence Lidar
49 Ronald Tombe Agricultural Social Networks: an agricultural value chain-based digitalization framework for an inclusive digital economy
50 Rutendo Gandi Building Assistive Educational Technologies for people living with disabilities using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning . 
51 Ruth Yankson Test Script Marker
52 Samuel Rutunda Bakame voice chatbot
53 Samuel Mwamburi Mghendi Akuko
54 Simbarashe Aldrin Ngorima Deep Learning for Future networks, Towards 6G
55 Sophie Dabo Spatial cluster detection
56 stephen  kalyesubula Multi-Class prediction of Viral Load levels among Children and Adolescent HIV Patients using Supervised Machine Learning
57 Taliesin Beynon Hypergraphs for AI and reasoning
58 Tijesunimi  Amao Later
59 Toufiq Musah Machine Learning in Microcontrollers
60 Walelign Sewunetie ChatGPT for Educators: Question and Answer Generation
61 Yawo Kobara Data-driven Queueing Systems (QS) Capacity Mining
62 Yousra Farhani PredEC
63 Zainab Ashimiyu-Abdusalam  Advancements and Applications of AI in Drug Discovery: A Comprehensive Review and Experimental Case Study