Will the event organisers be arranging accommodation for the participants?

If you have not been offered an accommodation grant, you will need to arrange your own accommodation. You can view a list of recommended hotels here and their corresponding travel times to the conference venue.

If you have been offered an accommodation grant, we will contact you soon after you accept the offer to arrange this.

Are there hotel options around the venue?

We’re putting together a list of recommended hotels within a reasonable distance. You can view the current list here. Please note that we’re continually updating the list. We are in the process of negotiating discounted rates but these cannot be guaranteed. We’d encourage you to go ahead to make arrangements when you are ready. The majority of the hotels listed can be reached via phone or email for reservations.

There are also Airbnb’s around the venue that you can co-ordinate and share with other accepted participants.

Will I need cash, or can I use my card?

Cash is highly recommended.
Mobile money is the next popular mode of payment but you will need a Ghanaian phone number registered with mobile money to do that.
Most restaurants will accept cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Almost all fast food places, fine dining, bars and clubs accept cards.