Keep an eye on this page which will be updated with answers to common questions about the upcoming Deep Learning Indaba


The deadline has passed, am I still able to apply?

No, however we encourage you to keep an eye out on all our social media channels, as well as the website and newsletter for up to date information.  

Newsletter sign up: 



What is my application status?

You can view your application status by logging in to Baobab.

Can I buy a ticket to attend?

All attendees of the Indaba must apply and be selected, irrespective of category or registration fee status. The Indaba prides itself on building a fair and inclusive environment, and the selection process is integral to this. Unfortunately, there is a great demand to attend and so we cannot offer any tickets for purchasing.

When will I hear the final decision from Indaba?

The first round of offers have been sent out. Those on the waiting list can expect to hear back by 31 July about the outcome of their application.

Thank you for putting me on the waiting list. By when can I expect to hear about my application?

All applicants on the waiting list will receive an update about the status of their application by the end of July 2023.

I need more time to secure funding before accepting/rejecting the offer

If you require more time to secure external funding before accepting your offer, please email us at We will get back to you in a few days.

Are you able to provide an official invitation letter?

You can generate an official invitation from the Baobab portal.
In order to do this, login onto the Baobab by following this link. Click on “Registration” which opens a drop-down menu with two items: the registration form, and invitation letter. Select the “invitation letter” option and complete all the necessary information. Once this information is added, you can click the option to generate an invitation letter. This letter will be sent to you via email (please check your spam folder as well).

I uploaded my passport, but when I log back in to Baobab it shows it isn’t uploaded.

When you upload it, it will say “Uploaded” in Baobab immediately after uploading it and in the confirmation email that is automatically sent to you. If you see both of these confirmations, it means your passport is uploaded successfully.
If you are still unsure, keep an eye on your inbox for reminders to upload your passport.

Contributing to the Indaba

I have been accepted and I would like to participate as a tutor

Thank you for your interest, please send an email to the Programme Committee:

Are you accepting application for volunteers to support logistics at the Deep Learning Indaba?

Attendees will have the opportunity to register their interest to a volunteer on Baobab. There are also a limited number of spots for non-participant volunteers to help with logistics around the on-site accommodation, transport and provide first aid support. Apply here before 29 July 2023.


What does the registration fee cover?

The 350 USD registration fee covers the marginal expenses we incur to host the event per attendee. These expenses include venue and equipment rentals, lunch, as well as the opening and closing events. Only students have a fully subsidised fee (i.e. it is free for selected students to attend).

Do I have to pay fees to attend the Deep Learning Indaba?

Registration is free for students and early-career academic researchers (e.g. postdocs). The fee for Academic Faculty is usually 150 USD. Industry professionals have a registration fee of 350 USD. If you are selected to attend the Indaba, the registration fee you are liable to pay will be indicated on your offer. You will receive an invoice with payment instructions shortly after accepting your offer.

Does my offer include travel?

Your offer only includes travel if it explicitly says that it does. If your offer does not mention anything about travel, then you did not receive a travel grant and will be responsible for your own travel to and from Accra to attend the Indaba. Please see the next question.

I have not been allocated a travel grant – are you able to support my travels?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any travel assistance at this point. All funding has been allocated. We would encourage you to find funding privately, or try a GoFundMe campaign. Please feel free to tag @DeepIndaba (Twitter) in any fundraising campaign you set up and we will be happy to help spread the word.

Does the Registration fee include accommodation and travel?

The registration fee does not include accommodation nor travel costs to Accra. 

Each attendee is to arrange their own accommodation and travels. However if you require assistance about accommodation options in Accra we are constantly updating this list here.


I need a visa, what should I do?

Please refer to the Travel Guidance page for the most up to date information.

May I have a letter of invitation?

Yes, please login into Baobab to download your letter of invitation. Please see the visa guidelines for how this is to be used.

Will the event organisers be coordinating the flights for the selected participants?

If we did not offer you a travel grant, we will not be coordinating your travel arrangements. However, if we offered you a travel grant, our team will contact you to coordinate these details

Are there any preferred airlines or airports I should consider when making my own travel arrangements?

We do not have any recommendations for airlines. Feel free to choose the ones that are more convenient for you.

I did not get any information about travel and/or accommodation

If we did not say anything about a travel and/or an accommodation grant in your offer to attend the Indaba that means you did not receive a travel and/or an accommodation grant. We are unable to offer any travel assistance at this point. We understand it is very difficult to raise the money, however, if you require more time to secure external funding before accepting your offer, please email us at


Please see the Guidance for staying in Accra page for up to date information about ideas for where to stay and organising your own accommodation.

Will I need cash, or can I use my card?

Cash is highly recommended.
Mobile money is the next popular mode of payment but you will need a Ghanaian phone number registered with mobile money to do that.
Most restaurants will accept cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Almost all fast food places, fine dining, bars and clubs accept cards.

Local information

Where will the Deep Learning Indaba be hosted?

It will be hosted at the University of Ghana, Legon (in Accra).

Will there be a designated point of contact or a hospitality desk available to assist with any on-site inquiries or concerns?

Yes, the organisers will be available at all times during the conference to assist with any inquiries. We will provide more specific details closer to the time in the meantime feel free to contact for any queries. 

Will the Indaba offer assistance with commuting from the accommodation to the venue of the conference?

If you have received an accommodation grant from us, the accommodation will be a short walking distance from the venue. If you are arranging your own accommodation you will need to arrange your own transport to and from the venue and may need to consult means of transportation such as taxi, or buses. Please note that the venue is at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana.