The Deep Learning Indaba (DLI) is the annual meeting of the African machine learning and AI community with the mission to strengthen African AI.  This year, it will be taking place in Accra, Ghana from 3rd to 9th September, 2023, comprising keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, and paper presentations.  To this end, the organising committee of the DLI 2023 invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the main event. Previous editions of the Deep Learning Indaba workshops can be found here.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and discuss novel research ideas on active and emerging topics in Artificial intelligence and its sub-disciplines. Topics and agenda of the proposed workshops should therefore be aligned with the purpose and aim of the main event, including topics, but  are not limited to:

  • Foundation models for African languages
  • Trustworthy AI: robustness, explainability, privacy, fairness, etc.
  • Generative models: augmentation, adversarial, etc.
  • Learning in low-resource settings, e.g., edge ML, tiny ML
  • Multi-modal and multi-domain fusions
  • Uncertainty quantifications 
  • Applications of deep learning: agriculture, health, finance, education, etc. 

 We strongly encourage the workshop organisers to make their workshops highly interactive and include discussions, Q&A and panel sessions to facilitate a lively exchange of ideas among the attendees. This has been the main custom of previous workshops and we have seen the benefits it has for the participants and would encourage them to continue

The main event is intended to have the last 2 days dedicated to workshops, Friday, 8 September and Saturday, 9 September. These are envisioned as half-day sessions (typically 4 hours) and will run in parallel with other workshops. The workshop can take any format and may include, for example, tutorials, keynote speakers, contributed papers and presentations, and panel discussions. 

Important Dates

  • Call for workshop proposals: March 6, 2023
  • Deadline proposal submission: April 6, 2023
  • Acceptance notifications: April 28, 2023
  • Workshop Date: 8-9 September 2023

Requirements for Proposal Submission

Workshops proposal should be submitted electronically as a single PDF using our Baobab platform. Create an account on Baobab if you don’t have one already, or sign in if you do, and then apply for the call titled “Call for Workshop Proposals at the Deep Learning Indaba 2023”

The proposal should contain the following information:

  • Workshop title 
  • Workshop Abstract
  • Workshop goals and objectives and expected outcomes.
  • A tentative workshop agenda which includes the length of the workshops. 
  • Estimated audience size
  • List of workshop organisers (full name and affiliations) with primary contact written in bold.
  • Invited speakers (preference for in-person speakers as a key pillar of the Indaba is a community, and we would like our attendees to be able to interact with speakers even outside of sessions. We are open to big-ticket speakers who may only be able to present remotely, subject to time zones working out for a meaningful experience for all.
  • Importantly,  a workshop proposal is encouraged to demonstrate diversity (across gender, geographical locations, expertise levels, etc.) in its profiles of organisers, invited speakers and panelists. 
  • Workshop organisers are expected to cover expenses

Selection Process

The workshop programme committee will make the selection of workshops. It will be based on multiple criterion including but not limited to the quality of the proposal, the modality of the workshop, the experience of workshop organisers and the diversity of speakers and organisers.

Upon evaluation, in cases where there’s an overlap of topics and content areas, we may suggest such workshops to merge.

Please Note: Deep Learning Indaba will allocate 3 free registration tickets for speakers and 2 free registration tickets for workshop organizers. These registration tickets do not include travel/air tickets. If requested, accommodation can be organised at the university hostels where sponsored attendees will stay. 

Contact Information

For any questions or inquiry, please contact the workshop chairs at :


  • Girmaw Abebe
  • Aya Salama
  • Zakia Mustafa
  • Jeremiah Fadugba