The Deep Learning Indaba will meet again in August 2022 in Tunisia. Strengthen African Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by nominating yourself to join this year’s organising committee. Nominate yourself or someone you know by completing this form by 10 April 2022.

Deep Learning Indaba 2022

The COVID19 Pandemic prevented us from hosting the Deep Learning Indaba for the past two years and we are eager to once again gather the African AI community in 2022. The Deep Learning Indaba’s mission is to strengthen African Machine Learning and AI, by creating communities, building leadership and recognising excellence.

We are looking for people to join the organising committees who do the planning and organisation that makes the Indaba a reality. Organising the Indaba is a complex process and we need people with experience for many different roles. If you’d like to support communities across our continent, please nominate yourself. Complete this form by 10 April and nominate yourself or someone you know to get involved, you can select many different roles, and we’ll make selections to get involved as soon as we can.

Expectations of Organisers

In general, all committee members:

  • Are passionate about strengthening African Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Able to volunteer time to organise the Indaba over the next few months, join video meetings, and communicate regularly to the General Chairs and the Executive Committee. 
  • Have some experience organising communities and understand the challenges faced by the general African tech community.
  • Come from across our African continent and beyond, and from all backgrounds, i.e. from any country, and can be students or academics, working in industry, public sector, etc.
  • Work within the codes or practice of the Deep Learning Indaba, driven by values of Ubuntu and a strong ethical compass. 

Please apply by completing this form for nominations.

Organising Roles

We need several people for each of the roles below.

  • Sponsorship Chairs
    • Support one of the most important roles of the Indaba, by helping our fund raising and supporting the logistics and communications about sponsorship and sponsor-related activities.
  • Programme Chairs
    • Lead the planning of the overall Indaba week, by coordinating with all chairs through weekly meetings and regular contact, finding plenary speakers, planning closing awards, and executing the vision for the Indaba week, taking the direction from the Indaba Chairs and the Executive committee.
  • Practicals and Coding Chairs
    • Lead the coordination of the practical sessions, by finding practical hosts, supporting the development and testing of the practicals, communicating facilities need, 
  • Travel Support
    • Lead work related to the travel of participants, by collecting all the information needed for booking, help the selection committee allocate travel awards, communicating with travel agents, and supporting travel needs and emergencies during the Indaba week.
  • Health and Safety
    • Lead the COVID safety plans for the Indaba, be a point of contact for health needs for the indaba in planning and during the week, coordinate with any venue security, and manage questions about the Code of Conduct and any violations. 
  • Socials and Events committee
    • Lead the organisation of socials and events, by being a support for the Local Chairs, working with the Health and Safety Chair on COVID-safe events, and also ensuring that there are a variety of ways for the community to interact and form new friendships and collaborations.
  • Registration Committee
    • Lead the planning of registration, by supporting communication about registrations and fees, being a point of contact for registration-related questions, doing registration of participants throughout the week, coordinating with other chairs.
  • Volunteers Committee
    • Lead work to coordinate and plan the roles that volunteers can take throughout the week and coordinating with other chairs.
  • Virtual Events
    • Lead the work related to providing virtual support and participation opportunities for those that cannot join in-person.
  • Communications and Press
    • Lead the work of communicating about our progress in organising the Indaba, by keeping the website updated, requesting blog posts from other committees and posting to the website, manage our social media and maintain engagement with the community across our social media channels, being a point of contact for any media engagements, and helping shape proactive engagement with the media. 
  • Kambule and Maathai Awards
    • Lead the nomination and selection process for the Kambule and Maathai Awards, by hosting the call for nominations, finding reviewers for Masters and PhD Theses, or startup nominations, completing the selection process, finding sponsorship for awards prizes, and anything else related to awards.
  • Generalist Roles
    • Let us know if there are other roles you think could help and that you could lead or support.

Submit Your Nomination

The nomination form will also ask you to provide short responses to these questions:

  • What motivates you to join the Indaba organising committee?
  • What is your past experience with the Indaba?
  • What event organising experience do you have?
  • What challenges did you face in organising your previous event(s) and how did you overcome them? 
  • What are you particularly proud of when you think back on your previous event(s)?

Please apply by completing this form for nominations. If you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch using info  -at-

In addition to volunteering to help the organisation of the Indaba, we also encourage you to apply to participate, read our blog on applying here.