Call for IndabaX Organizers

on Sep 10, 2021 09:13 AM

We hope you’ll nominate yourself to join the IndabaX steering committee, which is the leadership team that oversees the IndabaX programme. We are seeking 4-5 new members to join the IndabaX leadership. Nominations due by 31 October 2021. To nominate simply send an email answering a few questions (see below). IndabaX and our Community’s Health […]


Shakir Mohamed

In executing our mission to Strengthen African Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, this year, instead of hosting our usual activities (the annual Indaba, IndabaX, or the Maathai and Kambule awards), we are experimenting with several new programs, one of these being the IndabaX-AI4D Innovation Grants, which aim to fund 6-month projects that support AI research […]


Kathleen Siminyu